Abu Dhabi School of Management

In a world driven by constant change and innovation, the Abu Dhabi School of Management is on a mission to redefine the very essence of higher education in the UAE and the Gulf region. To become the beacon of internationally benchmarked excellence, ADSM received DASCA accreditation for its Master of Science in Business Analytics program.

Abu Dhabi School of Management has achieved an influential milestone as the first institution in UAE to attain accreditation from DASCA for its Master of Science in Business Analytics program. DASCA, a worldwide authority and a global leader in data science accreditation, has rigorously assessed the program, confirming its alignment with the latest standards set by the Data Science Council of America. This accreditation ensures that students gain comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge and skills, bolstering their employability and career prospects to the highest degree.

About Abu Dhabi School of Business Management

About Abu Dhabi School of Business Management

The Abu Dhabi School of Management, known as ADSM, aspires to assume a paramount position as a globally benchmarked institution of higher learning within the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region, offering an array of graduate management degrees within a vibrant and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a testament to their unwavering dedication, the institution proudly boasts an impressive 88% overall student satisfaction rate, a resounding acknowledgment of ADSM's relentless pursuit of excellence.

ADSM is dedicated to shaping visionary entrepreneurial managers and leaders by empowering its students with knowledge and skills that exceed international standards, enabling them to drive sustainable socio-economic development in the knowledge economy. With a rich and rewarding academic environment, the institute fosters entrepreneurial spirit, scholarly inquiry, research, and innovation while cherishing the UAE's cultural heritage. It is a stronghold of diversity, understanding, and tolerance, preparing students to thrive in a complex global landscape.

Fostering a Thriving Data Science Workforce in the UAE

The UAE's burgeoning big data and business analytics market is on a rapid ascent— driven by the pressing need for expedited decision-making and competitive advantages. In 2023, the UAE stood out as a global leader in data skills growth, ranking among the top 10 countries with a remarkable 31% year-over-year increase, as reported by LinkedIn. This soaring demand for data skills extends across various sectors within the UAE, encompassing finance, healthcare, and retail. With this,

  • Job postings for data scientists in Abu Dhabi have surged by an impressive 50% within the past year, according to data from Indeed.
  • Data scientists in Abu Dhabi enjoy an average annual salary of AED 220,866, which surpasses the national average by 20%.
  • Gulf Business reports a substantial 2,000 data science job openings in the UAE, with projections indicating this number could swell to over 5,000 by 2025.
  • A BCG survey highlighted the UAE's soaring demand for data professionals, projecting an annual growth rate of over 20% in the next five years. This surge will result in a requirement for over 250,000 data experts by 2027 to support the burgeoning digital economy.
DASCA Accreditation

The Masters of Science in Business Analytics program offered by the Abu Dhabi School of Management has undergone a rigorous evaluation process by the Data Science Council of America, resulting in its prestigious accreditation, granted in September 2023.

DASCA's accreditation standards are distinctive, drawing from a unique blend of DASCA knowledge standards and the principles of Middle Eastern education quality assessment aimed at performance excellence. The International Master of Science in Business Analytics program, accredited by DASCA, is designed to cultivate top-tier data science professionals, providing ADSM with the knowledge and competencies to excel in high-impact projects. With DASCA, The Abu Dhabi School of Management is committed to equipping students with the mindset and skills of entrepreneurial managers, nurturing a unique mode of thought and action that transcends boundaries and industries.

Accreditation impact

DASCA Accreditation is not just a seal of approval; it's a dynamic testament to the institution's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier data science education. But what sets it apart is its profound impact, reaching far beyond the hallowed halls of academia. With DASCA accreditation, students are not just learners; they become influencers, setting new standards and practices within their respective fields.

For the Abu Dhabi School of Management, this accreditation is more than a badge of honor. It's the cornerstone for its vision to not just lead but to redefine higher education in the UAE and the Gulf region— boosting data science education. It's a transformative journey for both current and prospective students and a promise of international recognition, a beacon that illuminates their potential on a global stage.